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Nonferrous ingots production

Aluminium alloys
Our primary business is the recycling of old aluminum scrap. We convert most of materials into foundry ingot, generally based on the aluminum-silicon alloy system, with additions of other metals such as copper, manganese and magnesium , according to the Romanian and international standards: LM6, LM25, DIN 226 – EN 46000, DIN231, UNI 5076 – EN 46100, ADC12, AS7U3G, Al 6061, Al 6063, ATSi12MnMg, ATSi12MnFe, AlSi10Mg, AlMg3, ATCu4, ATSI5Cu1, AlMgSi1, AlMgSi0.5, ATSi10Cu3Mg .
Upon request, we produce different aluminum alloys according to the international standards.

Aluminium pre-alloys
Aluminum pre-alloys ingots withTi, Ni, Mg, Mn, Cr, Si, Cu.
Al-Si30, Al-Mn10, Al-Cu50, Al-Ti20

Brass ingots for castings : copper-zinc alloys
CuZn40Pb(AmT59), CuZn33Pb2(AmT66), CuZn32Pb2(AmT67), CuZn40PbSn(AmXT0)

Bronze ingots for castings : copper-tin alloys (with or without zinc, lead or nickel addings).
CuSn14T, CuSn12T, CuSn12Ni2T, CuSn10T, CuSn10Zn2T, CuSn9Zn5T, CuSn6Zn4Pb4T, CuSn5Zn5Pb5T,CuSn4Zn4Pb17T, CuSn3Zn12Pb4T
Aluminum bronze ingots for castings : copper-aluminum alloys.
CuAl9T, CuAl9Fe3T, CuAl10Fe3T, CuAl9Fe5Ni5T, CuAl9Mn2T, CuAl9Fe2T

Zinc alloyss
Zinc-based alloys ingots, used for pressure casting (ZAMAK).
ZnAl4T, ZnAl4Cu1T

Tin-lead alloys
Soldering alloys ingots, slabs, bars: S-Pb60Sn40(LP40),
Nonferrous ingots production
Nonferrous ingots production Collecting, processing, recycling and trading of non-ferrous scraps Die casting components
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